Regular Hours: Elva's Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery visits are by appointment. Please call (717)-626-6582 to set up a time to stop by. Also call for updated show dates and times. Thank you!

Elva’s Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery
1519 Brunnerville Rd.
Lititz, PA 17543

Chalk Talks: Chalk talk entertainment is provided upon request. Please call for price and reservation.

Christmas Show 2015

Christmas Arts + Crafts Show 2015
Join us November 19 - 21 from 10 am - 5 pm for the Christmas Arts + Crafts Show. Homemade soaps, jewelry, herbal crafts and gifts, live music and more. Download a flyer here.

Seasonal Herb Talks
Bring your mother, daughter, and friends for Tea Time and Herb Talk in the loft! Learn about the benefits of herbs, and create a craft. The talk will close with a chalk talk by Elva Hurst! Cost is $20 per adult, $15 per child (includes refreshments, supplies and prizes). To download a PDF about these events click here.

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Welcome to the barnyard art studio and gallery, hours by appointment. Call 626-6582 to set up a time to stop by.

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Elva's Selection
Check out Elva's selection of crafts, homemade soaps, salves, lip balms and more.

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Shop in the Loft
Shop in the loft of the Barnyard Art Studio for unique handmade crafts and gifts.

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Prints for Sale
Original artwork and prints available by Elva Hurst and other local artists.

Takin' Turns Artwork

Takin' Turns
Beside our farmhouse, we have an old barn. It was built in 1859, and has an old abandoned stove in the back room. We keep a small flock of chickens in there they all insist on using the stove as a nesting spot, but they each must take turns!

Winter Wonder Artwork

Winter Wonder
Ever since we moved to this farm in 1996, I always said I'd paint this view from my kitchen window...well, here it is, finally! Our cows are always curious about new things. I think they are wondering about the winter decoration I put on the pump.

Family Reunion Artwork

Family Reunion
My family held a reunion last summer at my sister's farm. Many of my relatives are still Old Order Mennonites who dress plain. It was a very warm day so they hung their hats in the tree. This inspired me to paint, thus "Family Reunion" was created.

Wadin' Artwork

Wading by Erb's bridge was my favorite summer-time spot in my childhood. This is a picture of my children visiting that same wonderful spot! Erb's bridge is located in Lititz, Pa.

Fun at the Pump Artwork

Fun at the Pump
'Precious,' our Golden Retriever, had puppies - what fun! The children put them in the pump to play. 'Freckles,' our new kitten, also wanted to get in on the fun.

Feeding Time Fun Artwork

Feeding Time Fun
'Feeding Time Fun' is a picture of my two year old son during our daily outing of feeding the chickens. On this particular day we treated them to corn right from the corn field!

My Great Aunt Annie Artwork

My Great Aunt Annie
My daughter Annie is watching her great Aunt Annie working at her sewing machine, braiding rugs she made from rags.

Precious Artwork

A Golden Retriever puppy was given to us when we moved to the farm; she quickly became our beloved dog. We named her "Precious." Through the years much fun was enjoyed, like this moment with my son and the wash tub!

Puppy and Me Artwork

Puppy and Me
On the edge of our yard stands a tall, graceful Weeping Willow tree. Under the curtain-like branches we've husked corn, held tea parties and had story time like Annie has here with her teddy named "puppy."

Gentle Giant Artwork

Gentle Giant
Recently rescued from slaughter, our gentle Belgium horse "Goliath" is living out pleasant days in our pasture. Here he is enjoying the company of my oldest daughter, Bethany in the late afternoon sunshine.