The Pony Cart Adventure DVD


“That’s the thing about adventures, they never quite turn out the way you expect.”

When eleven-year-old Elva finally finishes her chores on a beautiful summer morning, she hurries to the neighboring farm to see if her friend Linda can join her for an afternoon adventure. Come along with the young Mennonite girls as they hitch up the pony, climb into the cart, and trot down the lane for a day filled with unexpected excitement. This charming film, based on the first book in the Farm Life Series, is the true story of Elva Hurst’s growing-up years on the family farm. Reminiscent of days gone by, this film for families is full of good-hearted fun.

Lancaster county artist and author Elva Hurst draws inspiration from her warm memories of growing up in a large Mennonite family on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania. Having immortalized her stories in print and audio, she is thrilled to offer the first installment of the Farm Life Series in film.

“Each of us has our childhood memories that formed our personalities.  Elva Hurst reflects on her own Mennonite childhood and recounts her first day of summer vacation with an adventure that brings her and her friend Linda through a storm.  The film “The Pony Cart Adventure” captures her early life and the faith and spirit that would become the foundation of her journey.    This film shows the beauty of growing up in Lancaster County and Elva’s joy and adventurous nature, which has been the hallmark of her work as an artist.”   ~ Pastor Timothy Wagner