For Children

All God’s Creatures

Experience a ‘bit of the farm” in these inspiring true stories of farm animals, as they fulfill their created purpose in nature. This is a fun program that is well suited for adults and children.

Christmas Memories

This is a fun story of how Christmas was celebrated, and winters enjoyed on the farm in Elva’s childhood. It includes sound effects of sleigh rides and ice-skating parties on the creek, and how a 10-foot snowman was built at her one room schoolhouse. Watching her illustrate this story, complete with glow in the dark snowflakes, will bring delight to children of all ages! Most of all, they will feel God’s hug on the inside as she tells of his great love shown to us at Christmas.

God Cares for Kids

God Cares for Kids tells the Bible story of Jesus and the children; how he took time for them and shared his love with them. Back in the days of the Bible, Jesus used little children to do big things, and he still does today!

School Days

In School Days, children will be able to experience what a day in school was like for Elva in her one-room country schoolhouse. They will also learn lessons about honesty and trust. This chalk talk uses music and sound effects that will provide an unforgettable experience for children of all ages!

Scout’s Honor

Scout’s Honor was originally written for a blue and gold banquet and has since been used for various cub, boy, and girl scout events. It is a fascinating story of how scouting originated and was brought to America. Elva shares true stories of heroic scouts’ services to the United States. Scouts will realize what a special privilege it is to be involved in these terrific programs as they watch the stories unfold!

Seed Time and Harvest

In this program, we learn from the story of Johnny Appleseed lessons of seed time and harvest and God’s spiritual laws of sowing and reaping. Seed Time and Harvest includes original music and songs specially written for this chalk talk. The picture is a fall harvest scene; therefore, this program is best for the late summer and autumn seasons.

The First Easter

In this chalk talk, Elva tells and illustrates the events of the very first Easter from Bible history. The story of our risen Savior brings life and hope to all!

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd is a story from Elva’s childhood and her experience of having a lamb for a pet! Children will learn why the Bible compares us to sheep, and why we, like sheep need shepherds. This chalk talk combines the 23rd Psalm with art to show what life is like when Jesus is our shepherd.

Jolly The Snowman

On magical, moonlight, cold, frosty night join the children’s snowman as he explores the farm under the cover of night with his gang of farm animal friends, together they learn many valuable lessons in getting along with each other but above all they discover the meaning of Christmas in an unexpected discovery.