Holiday Chalk Talks

Christmas Greetings

Learn the history of an ancient holiday tradition that is still a part of our Christmas celebrations today. You will be encouraged to make a difference and consider others during the Christmas season using this timeless tool. Enjoy Time period music the artist creates a lovely Christmas scene right before your eyes complete with colored and black light effects.

Faith and Thanksgiving

In Faith and Thanksgiving, you’ll hear from the journals of Christopher Columbus and William Bradford. Vivid details of the Mayflower voyage will make you feel as though you were there! You will be inspired by the evidence of the providence of God in the beginnings of a nation. The faith and the perseverance of the Pilgrims will help you consider your own blessings and move you to gratefully give thanks!

Draw Near This Year

This is a great program for January. With special effects, Elva brings in the new year and leaves you with inspiration and resolution taken from the word Draw. Draw Near This Year is a work of art that you’ll never forget!

History of the Carols

The story of how our carols originated and the events surrounding their writing. Suddenly these beloved carols you have enjoyed since your youth become more meaningful than ever!

Legends and Traditions of Christmas

Enjoy the story of how and why we have come to use candy canes and carols at Christmas time. Also, learn about several other symbols we use to help us celebrate the season. This holiday chalk talk is specially written for an audience that includes children.

Memories of a Great Generation

This program is greatly enjoyed by senior citizens as they reminisce about the unforgettable era of World War II. Other generations will be greatly inspired by the lessons of their lives and serve as the meaning of “God and Country” comes to life. This program features the music of Kate Smith and Glen Miller. It is great for patriotic holidays but can be used for any event.

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree shows how this beautiful tradition came to America and highlights Christmas tree lighting ceremonies in our Nation’s capital. Also includes the voices of presidents from the past up to the present. A moving speech from the heart of Ronald Reagan reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.

O Holy Night

Learn how God used an unlikely poet to bring this beloved carol to the world with its powerful message of the redemption of mankind. It came to America at a time when peace on earth seemed impossible! “O Holy Night” will become even more precious to you after hearing this amazing story.

Peace On Earth

Chalk artist Elva Hurst will tell of her childhood Christmas Eve experience in her one-room school, as well as Christmas morning at home on the farm, and in her Old Order Mennonite church. There, on the hard wooden bench, she heard the Christmas story. The sacred meaning of her favorite Christmas carol unfolds as she paints a spectacular Christmas scene in fluorescent blacklight chalk.

Valentines Day

This chalk talk has been written especially for sweetheart banquets. It is a heartwarming story of how Valentine’s Day originated. You will learn about the “God-kind of love” that helps us stay “sweet” in the ups and downs of our love relationships.

The Cross

The Cross is a compelling story in chalk that illustrates God’s great love for us and his powerful redemption of mankind. This program is great not only for the Easter season but any time of year!

The Music of Christmas

Learn the inspiring history of a famous musical composition; a Christmas masterpiece, called “Handel’s Messiah.” This story of Christmas, put to music, is sure to bring the Christmas spirit to your holiday celebrations.

The Reason We Celebrate the Season

This program takes you back to the beginning of time. It follows the story of man’s redemption; beautifully woven thru Old Testament prophecies and fulfilled in the New on that silent night in the little town of Bethlehem.