Miscellaneous Events

A Glimpse of Heaven

What is heaven? How can one describe it? It’s out of this world! Heaven is the subject all Christians love to talk about. Elva loves to draw about it as well! In this chalk talk, she shares the glimpse of heaven as given to us in the Word of God. The black light part of the program closes with a song by Mercy Me called “I Can Only Imagine.”

All God’s Creatures

Experience a ‘bit of the farm” in these inspiring true stories of farm animals, as they fulfill their created purpose in nature. This is a fun program that is well suited for adults and children.

A Psalm to Live By

A Psalm to Live By is based on a psalm that is the favorite of many; the 23rd Psalm. This chalk talk, with its quieting, comforting effect, powerfully portrays the provision found in the presence of the Lord our Shepherd!

A Story in Art

In this chalk talk, Elva shares the story of how she discovered art. She also discusses the story of Grandma Moses, Grant Wood, and other artists who have impacted her life, and successfully served their generation. Elva illustrates how amazing things can happen when you simply set out to do something. These stories will motivate you to try what you’ve always wanted to do, even though you felt like you couldn’t or simply didn’t have the time.

Be Encouraged

Your heart will be uplifted by inspirational music, story and song while the chalk artist quickly draws a magnificent landscape which is illuminated with special lighting effects. Comforting words of scripture are sure to bring encouragement and peace to your soul.

Birds in All Seasons

This chalk talk will thrill the bird lover and help all who watch to slow down, relax, and hear again the bird song that has been drowned out by life’s distractions. You will leave inspired by valuable life lessons learned from the birds!

Faith and Forgiveness

Join us for a unique opportunity to engage your senses through music, storytelling, and the amazing chalk artistry of former old order Mennonite woman, Elva Hurst in this inspiring and captivating drama, Elva offers rare insight into the plain community with a true story that comes to life right before your eyes.

Farm Memories

This program is about the sights and sounds, memories and many lessons learned on the dairy farm of Elva’s upbringing. Farm Memories was originally written for a PA Holstein convention and has since been used to entertain various farm gatherings.

Happy Birthday

This chalk talk has been written for adult birthday parties. Both fun uplifting, this program moves one to praise God and celebrate life!

Harvest Time

Watch the bright colors of Autumn come to life with black light and florescent chalk as the Harvest moon rises over the fields of the old home farm. Reminisce with the artist as she shares warm memories of harvest times past. You will joy in the twilight of autumn and marvel at the wonders that God’s world imparts, realizing the bounty of his goodness. When trusting in his care you will see that you are blessed to be a blessing!

Hymn Histories

Hymn Histories is the human and divine story behind the writing of some of the favorite hymns of the church. These expressions of faith have survived for generations, even centuries, and continue to proclaim the faithfulness of our God and King.

In a Garden of Flowers

This chalk talk is sure to be relaxing as you listen to bird songs, sounds of nature and watch as Elva draws various kinds of flowers in their natural setting. All the while you will learn their meaning, origin and enjoy again God’s gift to you in flowers. This program is well suited for ladies’ gatherings of all kinds, but also enjoyed by anyone who likes gardening.

Nature’s Story

In this chalk talk, the artist draws inspiration from the beauty of nature all around us. In this beauty there is a “story” which Elva reveals as the chalk talk progresses. “Nature’s Story” is an inspirational chalk talk, complete with sound effects and a colored light show, a great program for adults and children alike.

Mid-Winter’s Beauty

In spite of the cold and snow, the message of ‘Mid-Winter’s Beauty’ is sure to warm your heart as the artist highlights the special blessings of the season; closing with an inspiration from scripture to lift the spirit.

Our Great American Songs

“Our Great American Songs” explains the history behind popular American songs. Elva shares inspiring stories about the United States’ National Anthem and other songs from the past. This chalk talk will leave you excited and moved about “the land of the free, and home of the brave!”

Patchwork Memories

Watch a heartwarming scene unfold before your eyes while hearing the legacy of the quilt making arts, a rich heritage left to us by thrifty self-sufficient women who helped settle the land, passing this beautiful art down the generations and carrying it on to the future. The perfect entertainment for your quilters’ quilt or sewing circle.

Seasons of a Women’s Life

This chalk talk is written especially for women’s events, such as mother and daughter banquets. Various age groups are represented by personal stories from girls and women as they journeyed through life from childhood to senior citizen and beyond. Women will see how a personal relationship with a loving Heavenly Father makes all the difference in their experience of the seasons and changes that life brings to all of us!

Spring’s Unfolding Days

Join the artist in a celebration of the glorious season of springtime in a walk through the woods. Find violets and bluebells by the creek bank. You’ll feel the excitement of springtime on the farm. With a touch of Easter, the scene will impart a living hope as resurrection glory fills your heart. “In the miracle of springtime our faith is renewed again, there is a resurrection from death to life again!”

The Wedding

The Wedding is designed for wedding receptions. In this program, Elva draws the bride and groom’s honeymoon destination! This chalk talk is a great way to entertain guests, as well as newlyweds!

The Word is “GO”

This program encourages the heart of the missionary, both at home and abroad. In the great commission, every Christian is called in some way or another to “go” into their world and share the good news of the Gospel!

Together We Serve

Together We Serve is designed to entertain Lions’ club gatherings. It has been used at district conventions, charter nights, president’s nights, and other events. This program explores the history of the club, praises the efforts of service-minded people, and encourages and inspires them to continue in service to their communities.

You Can Make a Difference

In You Can Make a Difference, you’ll hear a few of Elva’s favorite stories about people from Bible and modern-day history. These people served God and their fellowman wholeheartedly and made a significant difference in their generations. This chalk talk will motivate the listener to find and fulfill their God given destiny. Remember, we all have a purpose and we all can make a difference!

Autumn Daze

Experience the glory of Autumn Days in art as the artist takes you on a walk home from her one room, country school of her youth, the beauty and blessings of the season will bring gratitude in your heart and prepare you for Thanksgiving celebrations.

Then Come Spring

Celebrate the beauty and blessings of springtime, both in nature and in the seasons of the soul. Inspiring hope and courage as you watch a vibrant Spring scene unfold before your eyes.

Caring And Sharing

In this chalk talk the artist brings to life a memory of the unforgettable experience of an Amish/Mennonite barn-raising in her neighborhood. You will be reminded of the blessings that sharing and caring for others brings, realizing that a need is met in your own life when you give.