Art Classes

Classes now held in Elva’s new Barnyard Art Studio, yes, in the second story of the barn. While painting you’ll enjoy the original farm music of hens cackling, horses neighing, oinks of pigs, song of pigeons and more! Learn about watercolor, pastels, colored pencil art, oil and acrylics or chalk art classes. Please let Elva know which one your interested in learning, as medium will be decided based on level of interest. For current class schedule, please contact us here. Classes are listed below:

Realistic Classes Pic

Realistic Drawing Classes
Cost is $15.00 per session.

Watercolor Classes Pic

Watercolor Classes
Cost is $15.00 per session.

Pastel Classes Pic

Pastel Painting Classes
Cost is $15.00 per session.

Oil and Acrylic Painting
Cost is $15.00 per session.

Chalk Classes Pic

Chalk Classes
Cost is $15.00 per session. Learn how to use florescent chalk and see the beautiful effects black light can have on your artwork! Everyone can experience the large scale art of chalk talk right on Elva’s farm in Lititz, PA. Several black lights and easels will be provided or you may bring your own.

Field Trips for Schools and Homeschool Groups 

Children will learn the history and experience the old-time performance art of chalk talk. They will get have their own black light chalk experience. They will transition around the studio and visit a variety of art centers which may include watercolor bookmarks, rock painting, crayon melting, cartooning etc. Some groups choose to bring their packed lunches for a noon break if the weather is nice there are picnic tables outdoors. (Prices vary depending on size of group. Please call for details).

Artist In an Hour

Anyone can be an artist given the right materials and the proper
instruction. Local Lancaster County Artist Elva Hurst will walk you through the
steps of creating your own Masterpiece in her beautiful country art studio in
the barn. It will be a joy to discover your own hidden talent as Elva guides
you through the use of color and blending to create your own original artwork
to enjoy. Select from your medium of choice: Oils, acrylics, watercolor,
pastels, colored pencils, or drawings. For any group size ranging from 4-30
people. Call for updated prices.

Art Studio Location:
Elva’s Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery
1519 Brunnerville Rd.
Lititz, PA 17543

The Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery is open Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. All other visits are by appointment. Please call (717)-626-6582 to set up a time to stop by. Thank you!